Some forms of child abuse are a social norm in Ukraine. This is reported in the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). Thus, according to the Foundation, about 42 percent of Ukrainian parents believe that emotional violence against children is permissible for educational purposes, 14 percent support the use of physical force.
UNICEF believes that the problem of child abuse in Ukraine may be larger than previously thought, since many instances of violence are not known. In this connection, on June 4, UNICEF and the government of the country hold the first in-country conference devoted to this issue.
The purpose of the conference is to develop a strategy to effectively prevent violence against children. It is attended by representatives of humanitarian organizations, civil society and academia.
“There is no excuse for violence against children, it cannot be tolerated, it cannot be ignored,” said Osnat Lubrani, UN coordinator in Ukraine. - Leaders around the world have promised to end violence against children by 2030, this is part of the Sustainable Development Agenda. Today's conference brought us all together to achieve one goal. This is a unique moment that will allow us to combine efforts at the national level to protect the main value of Ukraine - its children. ”
The conference participants came to the conclusion that the first step in preventing violence against children is collecting relevant data that will help shed light on the scale of the problem.
“Violence against children can and should be prevented. To take the first step in this direction, you need to make sure that all incidents of violence are documented properly. Protecting children is a difficult task ..., said UNICEF representative Laura Bill. “By joining forces, we can achieve this goal.”
UNICEF recalls that violence against children is a global problem, which until recently was almost completely ignored. They started talking about her only two decades ago. According to UNICEF, about a billion children face some form of violence. This has a negative impact on their emotional, sexual and physical health and, as a result, on the health of society as a whole.

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