“In the face of increasing intolerance and growing inequality, the Buddha’s message of non-violence and service to others is more relevant than ever.”
—— UN Secretary-General, António Guterres
Wesak, the full moon day in May, is the most sacred day for millions of Buddhists around the world. It was on the day of Vesak two and a half millennia ago, in 623 BC, the Buddha was born. Also on the same day, the Buddha attained enlightenment and on the same day, the Buddha left this world in the 80th year of life.
International recognition of Vesak Day by the General Assembly in resolution 54/115 of February 8, 2000 means recognition of the contribution that Buddhism - one of the oldest religions in the world - has made over two and a half millennia and continues to contribute to the spiritual development of mankind. This day is celebrated annually at United Nations Headquarters and at its other offices in consultation with the relevant United Nations offices and Permanent Missions, who also would like to be consulted on this matter

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