день семьи
Despite the fact that throughout the world in recent decades there have been significant changes in the field of family structure as a result of global trends and demographic processes, the United Nations still considers the family as the main unit of society. International Family Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of family issues and deepen knowledge of relevant social, economic and demographic processes.
The UN encourages special educational events, including national family days. In many countries, this day provides an opportunity to highlight various topics and issues that are very important for families.
International Family Day is celebrated annually on May 15th. Events include seminars and conferences, radio and television programs, newspaper articles and cultural programs covering relevant topics.
Day 2019 Theme: Families and Climate Change Measures
This year, the celebration of the International Day of Families is dedicated to families, family policy and SDGs 13.
Goal 13.3: Improving training systems, carrying out educational activities, strengthening human and institutional capacities to combat climate change and its effects, strengthening early warning systems.
Goal 13.2: To integrate climate change measures into national-level plans, activities and strategies.

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