To prohibit tobacco advertising and don't involve tobacco manufacturers as sponsors of sport events, including Formula 1 racing. Such an appeal made the World Health Organizations to its members.

Experts of the WHO are concerned about the fact, despite the restrictions in many countries on advertising tobacco products at public, tobacco producers continue to actively participate in the "sport" life – becoming sponsors of competitions or sports teams.Traders of nicotine-containing products are particularly interested in car and motorcycle racing, because it allows them to simultaneously advertise products not only in those countries where competitions are held, but also almost all over the world: the audience is always interested in TV broadcasts of such competitions.

WHO drew attention to the fact that "British American tobacco" recently announced a "new global partnership" with the McLaren team, one of the leaders of Formula 1. The company expects that the partnership will increase interest in its products, including tobacco heating systems. Another major player in the market, "Philip Morris International", has agreed to apply its advertising on "Ferrari" racing cars and "Ducati" motorcycles, participating in competitions around the world.

WHO believes, that a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, including the abolition of sponsorship programs and promotions,  will significantly reduce the consumption of tobacco products, including among young people. To counter tobacco use, WHO developed a framework Convention on tobacco control in 2003. More than 180 countries, more than 90 per cent of the world's population, joined the Convention, which entered into force in February 2005.

Experts believe that tobacco advertising has no place in sports, and urge governments to strictly monitor the implementation of laws prohibiting the promotion of tobacco products. And if the bans are violated, they even offer to cancel a wide broadcast of sport events - for the benefit of public health.


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