On April 24, the Belarusian National History Museum hosted an online opening of the exhibition dedicated to the “75th Anniversary of San Francisco United Nations Conference on International Organization.”

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The exhibition features unique photos from the archives of the United Nations Organization and its Member States, the artefacts related to work of Belarusian delegates from the collections of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National History Museum of Belarus. The exhibition took place on the eve of the International Delegate’s Day celebrated since 2019 upon the initiative of Belarus and established by a resolution of the UN General Assembly.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Mr. Vladimir Makei together with the UN Resident Coordinator in the Republic of Belarus, Ms. Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki and the Director of the Belarussian National Historical Museum, Mr. Pavel Sapotko have opened the exhibition.

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In his address to the opening of the exhibition, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei emphasized that today it is difficult to imagine a world without the UN. Despite the claims made by many towards it, the UN remains an uncontested mechanism for mobilizing collective will and building partnerships to solve pressing global problems.

“We stand behind the UN - specific people, delegates. And the UN today gives us – concrete people, delegates - a unique opportunity to hear each other and agree to prevent a global conflict, using the only true way that has proven itself in practice - dialogue, ”said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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In her statement, UN Resident Coordinator Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki indicated that 75 years after the UN foundation, the world is faced with serious natural, political, social, and economic upheavals and the issues of the pandemic, climate change, growing inequality, armed conflicts, migration, demography, and rapidly changing technology demand the efficient cooperation between countries, sectors, and generations.

Noting the active participation of the Belarusian delegation in work of the San-Francisco Conference and the importance of history lessons, Ms. Kazana-Wisniewiecki emphasized that the Conference became a perfect example of cooperation and joining of efforts of such different countries for the sake of creation of the lasting and just peace.

The UN Resident Coordinator recalled that in the year of its 75th anniversary, UN initiated a global conversation called UN75 aiming to promote international cooperation and search for solutions together with the people of the world for better future we all want.

“The key events of the campaign in Belarus are open discussions “The Future We Want” in Belarusian higher education establishments”, she said, urging the people of Belarus to take part in an online survey available on the UN website at www.un.by.

The UN Secretary General António Guterres as well as ambassadors of China, Russia, Great Britain to Belarus, and the US Charge D’Affairs to Belarus addressed the audience with video messages.

 After the opening ceremony, an online tour of the exhibits, jointly prepared by the United Nations in Belarus and the National History Museum of Belarus was held.

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The International Conference which met in San Francisco in April 1945 few weeks before the end of the World War 2 worked for several months negotiating the structure, charter and purpose of the new international organization created for the sake of the lasting peace and justice.  The San Francisco International Conference became one of the landmark historic events of the 20th century.

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Belarusian delegation took active part in work of the San Francisco Conference. Members of the delegation led by Kuzma Kiselev, People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs participated in the development of the General Assembly’s structure and procedures, discussions on the veto power for permanent members of the Security Council, insisted on inclusion in the UN Charter of the principle of self-determination of peoples.  The delegates of the participating countries, representing 80 per cent of the world population, developed and adopted the Charter of the United Nations, after ratification of which the United Nations Organisation became a reality. 

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The opening ceremony of the photo exhibition and online tour cab be found  on the YouTube channel of the UN in Belarus in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY5LW9CKtmY and in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo_skZkLPl4

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