On 19 December 2019, UN Consultations with International Partners on Strategic Priorities and Outcomes of the UN-Belarus Cooperation 2021-2025 took place in Minsk.

Speaking on behalf of the United Nations Organization UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus for the assistance rendered to the UN Country Team in holding wider consultations with international and national partners including civil society organizations on the priorities of UN-Belarus cooperation.

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She also highlighted the active role played by the National Coordinator on Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in facilitating the national dialogue, definition of long-term sustainable development outlook, and introduction of SDG in the strategic planning system of Belarus.

Addressing the issues of the new Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework implementation Ms. Kazana-Wisniowiecki emphasized that the United Nations Organization was looking forward to more active work of the Council for Sustainable Development with representatives of the national partners, nongovernmental associations, and international organizations, which would carry out the annual control and coordination of program implementation.

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“The era of spelling out of what it means to reckon SDGs in Belarus is behind us. Now we are shifting gear to focus on implementation. The decade 2020-2030 was announced by the UN Secretary-General as the Decade of SDGs acceleration and implementation. We will focus on implementation work in which governmental institutions, executive power play an extremely important role,” stated UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus.

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Representatives of the United Nations Development Programme, United Naions Children’s Fund, United Nations Population Fund, and International Telecommunication Union shared their expectations regarding the UN-Belarus cooperation in 2021-2025 in accordance with the thematic directions (SDG accelerators). These are green transition for inclusive and sustainable growth, future generation orientation: adolescence and youth, digital transformation and social innovation, and gender equitable society.

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As part of consultations a dialogue of the UN agencies in Belarus and development partners from among the accredited embassies and international organizations was held. The dialogue participants spoke about the priorities of their countries and organizations in the sphere of international technical cooperation for sustainable development in Belarus. All speakers confirmed their commitment regarding further cooperation with the United Nations Organisation in Belarus and the Republic of Belarus under the new Cooperation Framework for 2021-2025.

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At present, UN-Belarus cooperation for sustainable development is based upon the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) rendering assistance to the Republic of Belarus for development goals of 2016-2020. The total resources delivered under the current Cooperation Framework amount to USD 83 million.

The third UN-Belarus Development Assistance Framework for 2021-2025 will be based upon the National Sustainable Development Strategy until 2035 and the Roadmap for SDG implementation in Belarus. It will enhance the capacities to attract international expertise and resources of the donors who have confirmed their political commitment to SDG support.

The United Nations Organisation sets out the new Cooperation Framework as the most important tool of planning and carrying out the UN development activities in every country to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, which is to be prepared and finalized on the basis of full-scale consultations and arrangements with the Government.


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