From December 1 to 10, the 12th annual festival Human Dignity, Equality, Justice will take place in Minsk under the aegis of the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus and the United Nations Organization in Belarus.

The festival is traditionally organized on the eve of the International Human Rights Day celebrated on the 10th of December, the day when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted.  All the films of the festival programme are the stories about the ways to freedom and equality in dignity and rights.

The Festival will open on December 1 with a screening of II (Two), the teen drama by Belarusian film director Vlada Senkova.  The world premiere of the movie took place in October 2019 at the Warsaw Film Festival, where it received a special mention from the jury of the Free Spirit competition for being “a brave, daring, and fresh story addressing the cruel reality of social isolation.”  In Belarus, the film was shown as part of the Special Screenings section of the 26th Minsk International Film Festival Listapad and was highly appreciated by both critics and spectators for the courage in exploring of the issues raised.

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Other films that also have already received recognition from the public and the professional community, will continue the program: On the Basis of Sex (USA, 2018), Dream on (Dröm vidare, Sweden, 2017), The Little Comrade (Seltsimees Laps, Estonia, 2018), Journey to Jerusalem (Patuvane kam Yerusalim, Germany, 2018), Diamantino (Portugal, 2018), Young Polacas (Jovens Polacas, Brazil, 2019), Stefan Zweig (Austria, Germany, France, 2016), Layla M (the Netherlands, 2016), Sami Blood (Sameblod, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, 2016). The films turn to the human rights history and narrate about our contemporaries’ fates.

”Twelve years on, our traditions remain intact - the festival opens on December 1, the World AIDS Day, and ends on December 10, the International Human Rights Day. With our annual festival we speak the language of cinema to focus on the most important and inalienable rights and remind ourselves and cinemagoers that these rights are universal and wherever people live they always have all the rights and freedoms notwithstanding their skin colour, religion, language, sex, or belief,”   said Victor Radivinovski, an organizer of the Festival on the part of the United Nations in Belarus.

The films will be screened in the Pioner cinema (Engels street, 20) at 19:00. The admission to all the shows is free. Tickets are available in the cinema box office daily from December 1 to 10, (the box office opens at 16:00*).

* Tickets for the opening screening on December 1 will be limited. We are grateful for understanding and offer our apologies to those who will not manage to get to the show, and would like to inform that the next screening of the film II (Two) in Minsk will be organized on December 11, at 19:00 in the Moskva cinema.

The Festival is being supported by the embassies of the Netherlands, United States, Sweden, Estonia, the Goethe Institute in Minsk and the International organization for Migration.

For reference

Human Dignity, Equality, Justice film festival is always conducted on the eve of the 10th of December, the day when the United Nations Organisation adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood,” - these words open this unique document. The humankind who had just survived the World War II catastrophe managed to unite in understanding of the value of human life, freedom, and need for equity. Not all people at once and not immediately were ready to accept the best ideas in history, and adoption of the document did not imply immediate global happiness.  Nevertheless, the Declaration influenced humankind development more than any other document of the modern history and became the foundation of the international humanitarian law.

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