On 17 October, a round table titled, “Belarus and Global Climate Change” took place in Minsk bringing together representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, other public environmental organizations, the United Nations Development Programme, Resident Coordinator’s Office in Belarus, international and non-governmental organizations, and representatives of the mass media.

Speaking to the seminar participants, UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki stressed that climate change is the high-priority problem, which appears on the agenda of the United Nations Organization and the UN Secretary-General. She noted with satisfaction that Belarus made good progress in greenhouse gas emission reduction and has an extensive experience in implementing measures of climate change adaptation at the local level.

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 “The goals the Republic of Belarus set for itself during the Climate Action Summit are ambitious but realistic and achievable considering the current pace of economic growth,” said Ms. Kazana-Wisniowiecki.

UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus Alexandra Solovieva underlined the important role of specialists, scientists, young people, and mass media in climate change activities.

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As Ms. Solovieva said, in the days of the Climate Action Summit in New York, UNDP undertook to provide support to 100 countries to accelerate the enhancement of their national climate pledges by 2020.

 “Supported by our development partners including the European Union and the Global Environmental Faculty (GEF) we have already mobilized about seven million US dollars for country’s climate change adaptation and for emission reduction,” said UNDP Resident Representative.

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Belarusian participant of the Youth Climate Summit, coordinator of the Youth for Sustainable Development in Belarus initiative Iryna Ponedelnik spoke of the Summit as a unique event because of participation of young people from every corner of the world in climate change actions. According to Iryna Ponedelnik, the Summit provided an important platform, which enabled the youth to share their ideas on the subject and not only demand that their governments make more decisive climate change steps but also implement their own projects at the local level.

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Highlighting implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement in Belarus and the measures of climate change adaptation Alexander Kozulin, head of the international cooperation sector of  the scientific and practical bioresource centre of the National Academy of Sciences and scientific coordinator of the UNDP-GEF Wetlands Project, emphasized the importance of implementation of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Conservation and Management of Mires (Peatlands)” as a contribution to the global climate action.

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