The Film Festival "Human Dignity, Equality, Justice" was opened on December 1. The first film screened, “Inside story”, was generously provided by Global Migration Film Festival “Together”. The film, produced in South Africa, touches upon the theme migration and HIV and was devoted to the World AIDS Day.

The film festival "Human dignity, equality, justice" is held in Minsk for the tenth time with the support of the United Nations Office in the Republic of Belarus and the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Belarus.
Over the last ten years, Belarusian viewers could see more than a hundred films representing four continents, created by directors and screenwriters from dozens of countries, reflecting the theme of equal and inalienable human rights.

Anniversary year is marked by the diversity of films in the program of the festival: both in terms of plot and genre, and from the point of view of geography. The film festival "Human dignity, equality, justice" gathered films from such countries as South Africa, Iran, India, Italy, Germany, Serbia, the Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Great Britain. Such a wide scope allows us to consider issues relevant to the theme of the festival in a large and large scale, through the prism of historical, cultural and national characteristics, while emphasizing the universal nature of human rights.

All ten films participating in the program of the festival are bright stories of heroes, remarkable due to the strength of the spirit, the ability to fight with stereotypes and prejudices, to resist circumstances. In different years, many of the films presented at the festival have already managed to win awards at international film forums, as well as to receive recognition of critics and spectators. "Black" (India, 2005) takes first place in the list of "25 best Bollywood films", a film about the Japanese justice "Nobody to watch over" (Japan, 2008) received a prize for best debut in Montreal, and the film "Balancing act" ( Italy, 2012) became a laureate of the Venice Film Festival-2012.
All the shows this year are held in the cinema "Pioneer" (Engels, 20). They are free and everyone can get tickets at the box office of the cinema every day from 15:00.

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