About: The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Its five institutions share a commitment to reducing poverty, increasing shared prosperity, and promoting sustainable development.

Being the largest development bank in the world, The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) supports the World Bank Group’s mission by providing loans, guarantees, risk management products, and advisory services to middle-income and creditworthy low-income countries, as well as by coordinating responses to regional and global challenges.

World Bank in Belarus: World Bank–supported programs in Belarus have delivered important development results with respect to transport infrastructure, water supply, forestry, energy efficiency, private sector development, public finance management, education, and health care.

Advisory Services and Analytics on the investment climate, SOEs, social protection, and utility tariffs, among other topics, help the Government to outline options for more ambitious future changes. The new Country Partnership Framework for fiscal years 2018–22 was endorsed by the Board of Directors on April 3, 2018. Through the next five years, the World Bank Group’s assistance will focus on:

* creating opportunities to expand the private sector and promote more efficient public investment;

* maintaining the country’s human capital edge;

* improving the contribution of infrastructure to climate change management, economic growth, and human development.

These are supplemented by the cross-cutting theme of promoting greater use of data and access to information in public decision-making.

The World Bank’s active portfolio in Belarus is composed of eight projects totaling US$790 million. The lending program until 2022 is estimated at US$570 million.

In Belarus since: 1992

Location: Minsk

Focus Areas: increasing the competitiveness of the economy by supporting structural reforms, including reducing the role of the state, transforming the SOE sector, and promoting private and financial sector development and integration into the global economy; improving the quality and efficiency energy sector, public infrastructure services and the use of agricultural and forestry resources, and increasing global public goods benefits; and enhancing human development outcomes through better education, health, and social services.

Nodal Ministries: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Energy, Energy Efficiency Department of the State Standardization Committee, Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Communication and Informatization, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health. Flagship Publication/s: Biannual Belarus Economic Update, Belarus Systematic Country Diagnostic : Towards a Competitive, Inclusive and Dynamic Belarus, Poverty and shared prosperity in Belarus over the past decade, Doing Business, Belarus heat tariff reform and social impact mitigation, Public expenditure review.



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