About: the WHO Country Office in Belarus has been the focal point for all WHO activities in Belarus. It also is the active member of the United Nations Country Team in Belarus. In 2016, the Country Office profile was upgraded; it is now under the leadership of a WHO representative/head of country office and is scaling up the level of activities to support national policy development.

Focus Areas: The role of the Country Office is to provide technical assistance in policy-making for sustainable health development based on a holistic health-system approach. This includes providing guidance, building local relationships to implement technical cooperation, preparing standards and agreements, and ensuring that public health measures are coordinated and in place during crises. The Country Office’s main priorities are set out in the biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) between WHO/Europe and Belarus. It implements the BCA in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, national institutions and international partner agencies.

The main areas of collaboration for 2018–2019 are related to:

  • achieving health targets in the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • advancing universal health coverage;
  • developing the health system and strengthening primary health care and the health information system;
  • addressing noncommunicable diseases, mental health, violence and injuries prevention;
  • addressing child and adolescent health issues;
  • fighting antimicrobial resistance; and
  • strengthening prevention, diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases, including HIV, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.

In Belarus since: 1994

Location: Minsk