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Photo project "People Plus" - it is 18 stories of people from different regions of Belarus, who are living with HIV and receiving antiretroviral therapy. The purpose of the project - to draw attention to HIV issues, to inform about the achievements in combating it.

And to show that HIV-positive people live near us, they have the same happiness, sadness and worries that each of us. And those stereotypes that still exist in society, have often no any basis.ludi.023 min

Photo project organized by the United Nations agencies in Belarus, "PeoplePLUS" with the support of the Ministry of Health of Belarus and timed to coincide with the International Day of AIDS Memorial. The exhibition is mobile and designed for the widest possible audience.

Ludi.015 min

Besides the main stated objectives, this project will help to promote dialogue with the public and the authorities, as necessary, proposed "PeoplePlus", changes to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (art. 157 of the Criminal Code "contracting HIV"), as well as in other legislation, limit the rights of people living with HIV in Belarus.

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